James Street +

The extension to a small inner city house began with the idea of maximizing the relationship to the garden. The desire to create a large family house on a small piece of land, generated the design of the ground floor as a series of open public rooms that could be either indoor or outdoor. Custom made sliding doors allow spaces to be joined or divided, be inside or outside giving the house a feeling it has a large garden.

A large double height room in the centre of the plan is intentionally ambiguous. It contains things we associate with the ‘outside’ like a translucent batten roof and an opening framing the sky, contrasting with ‘internal’ fire place and pendant lights.

Upstairs the parents and children’s bedrooms are separated by the double height space. A corridor linking the areas, runs along the edge of the outdoor room adding to the sense of activity.

New Farm, Brisbane
Completed 2007

Project credits +

Project Team: Angus Munro,  Craig Channon, Anna O’Gorman
Builder: RBC
Landscape: Arbour Essence
Photography: Jason Haigh