Office for KANE +

2013 AIA Regional Commendation for Commercial Architecture

2013 AIA State Commendation for Commercial Architecture

The idea began as an urban warehouse, providing a centralized hub of activity. Visitors directly engage with the energy and previously unseen machinations of the business.

The new building is imagined as a considered building within ordinary surrounds. A building that uses a contextual material, concrete, in a series of different ways. The facade is composed of precast concrete panels, for solids and screens. The large openings to the park, are lined in zinc and scaled to deleted the floor plane.

The office is design as a 5 star greenstar. ESD initiatives include:
– Gas-fired VRV air-conditioning, mixed mode system with natural ventilation controlled by a weather station
– Water storage for use in toilet flushing and irrigation
– Use of cement-reduced concrete, recycled timber, recycled steelwork, low VOC’s,
– Installation of CO2 monitoring and an energy monitoring system
– On site storm-water detention and treatment prior to discharge to council drains
– Significantly reduced CO2 use at 25kg/m2 per annum, well below the benchmark 110 kg/m2 per annum
– Cyclist facilities, reduced car-parking and nearby public transport options
– ‘Smart’ building services including zoned air conditioning and automatic control of lighting

Albion, Brisbane
Completed 2012

Project credits +

Project Team: Angus Munro, Craig Channon, Ceirwen Burton

Builder: Kane Constructions

Photography: Jon Linkins