Daily at 6pm, Offline  demonstrates the highly considered design of the St Marys School Hall by Michael Markham and Tim Hall.

The origin of the name New Farm

New Farm: ‘Aboriginal people called the area the Binkin-ba, or place of the land tortoise, and used to catch these freshwater tortoises there in a net or by hand. Then they roasted them on their backs with the carapace serving as a dish. Europeans altered the pronunciation to Pinkenba and gave it to another place. As the name suggests it was developed as a new farm for the convict settlement.’ from

Koskela visit Marc&Co

Russell and Michelle from Koskela visited our studio today. They are producing some great Australian made furniture. If you have visited their showroom or website already, it is time

Portrait of Spain

Masterpieces from the Prado opened this weekend. Fantastic  exhibition!

Love TV goes to NY

What a fantastic fundraiser party last night to support Aphrodite and her quest to take Love TV to the streets of New York. Check it out