Billykart Kitchen +

Celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue (Surfing the Menu) and his wife Dee invited Marc&Co to design the fit out for their new restaurant Billykart Kitchen. Located in the a former corner store in suburban Brisbane, the design was inspired by low key suburban aesthetics. Like a traditional houses, walls have exposed stud frames, while existing VJ walls are painted traditional pastel colours. The suburban garden is reflected with vertical herb garden on the back wall, graffiti autumn leaves on the concrete floors, and vegetables and produce trees planted along the street. Locals can still buy the paper and milk at Billykart, keeping the corner store tradition alive.

Completed 2013

Project credits +

Interior Design: Angus Munro, Rachael Gwaro

Styling: Caro Toledo

Graphic Design: Tony Gooley

Builder: Onsite Projects

Kitchen: Stoddart Stainless Steel