Office for Bluesky +

Bluesky wanted to create a ‘Workplace Wonderland’ for their valued staff.  We rejected ‘Sustained Innovation’ (evolving standard design ideas) and pursued ‘Disruptive Innovation’, which tests new ideas, (and eventually replaces the standard). Once this conceptual rabbit hole opened, it allowed us to challenge the expected and create memorable experiences.

The lift doors don’t open to a supersized counter, immaculate receptionist and distant view, but rather:

– A narrow opening into a passage of fence palings; hiding the view

– A reception behind a super lattice; the control centre

– An amphitheatre for investor presentations, staff meetings and a little lie down

– ‘Bond’ style hidden bar with beer taps and mirrored interior

– Open lounge areas with the best views for the staff to use everyday

– A central open office with deliberately noisy timber floors

– Archways that allow the views through curtain glass to be re-imagined

– Doors into meeting rooms that are framed by oversized traditional profiles

– Weatherboards have a custom profiles with little B’s bitten out

– Screen walls inspired by the original mangrove swamps

– Plaster rosettes organised to create textured walls

– Change rooms, with a locker for each employee

– Noise and technology free library

– Lots of in-between spaces for whatever

Completed 2015

Project credits +

Interiors: Angus Munro, Rachael Gwaro, Sam Bresnehan, Katie Hawgood, Naomi Edson, Adam Scott

Photography: Alicia Taylor

Styling: Indigo Jungle

Builder: Premis

Mechanical & Electrical: IE