House for Tabletop +

The project strategy was to amplify existing experiences with unique design solutions. The existing Paul Bangay garden is a formal design based on a symmetrical and axial layout. This is a contemporary Paradise Garden, offering retreat from the surrounding bushland. Traditionally a garden would be surrounded by a loggia, a covered edge space, between the protection of inside and wild exterior. The house is imagined as a loggia to the garden. The new house merges with the existing garden design, but is also the anti-thesis. The gardens are each designed around a focal point; they are autonomous and independent of the setting. The house is outward looking without a central focal point, and has spaces that overlap and are not autonomous. The building is a path of travel through the garden. The walls could be understood as hedges, the ‘stairs’ as waterfalls, chandeliers as fountains, and artwork as flowering plants.

Completed 2018

Project credits +

Architects: Angus Munro, Adam Scott, Jessica Spresser, Olivia Daw

Interiors: Rachael Gwaro

Builder: Valdal Projects

Lighting: Grey Light