Beach Shack for Point Lookout +

2014 AIA Regional Commendation for Residential Architecture Houses (Alterations and Additions)

The project is an extension to an existing beach shack built by artist David Nutter, and designed with his architect father Danny Nutter. Our clients responded to the idea that a beach shack should not replicate experiences found in Brisbane, but celebrate the place and event of holidaying.

Since colonial settlement Straddie shacks were constructed from materials found on the island or easily transported to the island. The small, simple shacks were scattered within the pristine landscape.

The existing shack is a collection of small shacks with external walkways, constructed with a timber frame, fibro walls and hardwood floors. The new extension consists of a series of small architectural moves that reinforce the external circulation, the materiality and relationship to the garden.

The landscape was imagined as the dominant room, and all the existing landscape was maintained and reinforced. The lawn acts as a void, a focus within a future forest. The entry has been reconfigured and the eastern deck expanded to reinforce the lawn. Another deck and outdoor shower was added to the east, separated from the main house by a garden.  The deck is for kid’s games, repairing surfboards, filleting fish and screening the neighbouring carport.

Point Lookout
Completed 2013

Project credits +

Architect: Angus Munro

Stylist: Caro Toledo

Builder: Craig Frampton