House for Whynot Street +

The project was inspired by the client’s Sri Lankan heritage. Materials are simple and authentic. Floors are burnished concrete. Brick walls combine new bricks and bricks salvaged from an old fireplace. Timber walls are white washed plywood, allowing the grain add patterning. Darkness and shadow are seen as positive. The plan reinforced a casual lifestyle, focused towards family, friends and community. A back stair becomes the pivot point, linking a back door, studio and existing living space.

West End, Brisbane
Completed 2016

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The plan aimed to solve several problems with the existing house. A new driveway and carport allows off street parking. A studio under the existing house, was designed a guest room and a play area. A new informal back door means friends and family no longer walk past bedrooms to reach the living areas at the rear of the house. A concrete stair provides an internal link between back door, studio and existing living areas, as well as opening the living areas to morning sun and north east breezes. A deck provides an outdoor sitting area to overlook the garden.

Our client is from Sri Lankan heritage and the studio was imagined as somewhere her ageing father could visit and stay. We wanted the materials to be simple and authentic, as would be found in many Sri Lankan houses. The studio floors are burnished concrete, the walls use a combination of recycled bricks from site and new bricks, and other walls are white washed plywood, allowing the timber grain to gently come through. The bathroom has a concrete floor which will age and patina, a window that slides away so one can shower in the garden.